Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free money to get me started in my business?
No, there is no free money, there are however many loan programs, incentives and resources available to help you navigate and get set up.
Are there Incentives or Tax Credits Available for starting or relocating a business in Baca County?
Yes depending on the amount of capital put into the project and number of jobs created. More info on this can be found under the Enterprise Zone, Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zone and Site Selection. Local Incentives are available and are reviewed on a case by case basis.
How do we find local contractors?
There is a business directory located under the About Us tab and Services and Resources drop down menu.
Are building permits required?
If your project is located within Town limits, contact that Town. If your project is located in the County. See on the Commissioners page.
How do I write a business plan?
Contact Baca County Economic Development for assistance.
I want to sell my business, how do I valuate the business?
Resources are available to assist you through this process, contact Baca County Economic