Taxes and Spending in Colorado

Property Taxes

Colorado-Tax rates in Colorado do not apply to market value but to assessed value. Assessed value is equal to a fraction of the market value. That fraction, called the residential assessment rate is recalculated regularly by the state. For tax years 2015 and 2016, it is 8.24% 

Baca County-The residential property rate for Baca County has an assessment rate of 7.2% and all other except oil and gas is 29%.  The mill levy for 2016 was.076400.

Sales and Use Tax Rate

State of Colorado: 2.9% Total: 2.9%
Baca County: 0% Total: 2.9%
Springfield: 4.9% Total: 7.8%

Income Tax – State of Colorado

Colorado’s individual state income tax rates range from 4.63%

Corporate Income Tax

Like the individual income tax, the corporate income tax is largely derived from the federal corporate income tax. There is a flat rate of, 4.63% on the corporate net income.